Chrissy's 'Diamond' Studs

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Even the most discerning women choose our 'diamond earrings' for their high quality and shine. Set in solid gold with the highest grade Cubic Zirconia, these beauties are great for traveling or everyday wear.  Round brilliant-cut cubic zirconia 'diamonds' are secured in four-prong 'martini' settings.

These are the highest grade CZ's and won't ever cloud. Set in solid 14kt gold by a fine jeweler, these will last a lifetime.  Paired with Chrissy's T-Backs, these will stand up straight on your ear securely. Use our Jewelry Cleaner to keep them shiny and new.

Available in 14kt Yellow or White Gold  

*NOTE: When ordering, size is BY EARRING, not total weight. 

  1. 1ct (2ct total)
  2. 2ct (4ct total)
  3. 3ct (6ct total)
  4. 4ct (8ct total)
  5. 5ct (10ct total)


To wear, push T-Back onto earring post behind ear lobe as usual. Make sure “T” shape is facing upward. Wear your earrings with the support you need! Comes in a set of 2 goldtone earring backs for one pair of earrings.