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Bunnies By The Bay

Blossom Bunny Buddy Blanket

Blossom Bunny Buddy Blanket

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Features 16" length easy to snuggle, has satin lining Embroidered details

Baby safe 100% polyester Machine wash and dry low heat

Thousands of 5-Star reviews agree that our Buddy Blanket are the best lovey for your baby!

The Blossom Bunny Buddy Blanket is a stuffed animal and lovey in one! The best of both, to comfort and soothe even the choosiest of babies. Blossom has a white plush floppy-eared bunny head and arms with a handcrafted, baby-safe embroidered face. The snuggly and super soft pink velour split blanket is lined and edged in silky satin for tactile development and soothing. Sure to become a best friend for your little one, the difference is in the details. From the embroidered message along the edge of the blanket that reads, Best Friends Indeed with a charming trail of carrots to our signature three carrot tag that every baby undoubtedly explores with their little fingers, our security buddy blankets are filled with thoughtful touches.

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